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Job completed for Genevieve K.

Completion date: December 22, 2019

Location: Charlottesville, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

The K family reached out to us because of a non-functioning hot water radiant zone. They reached out to us again within an hour as the system also began to leak water.

Solutions provided:

Based on the initial call, we scheduled the K family for the following day. On the second call, as the boiler system showed signs of a larger problem, we moved some items on our schedule and made it the same day.

On arrival we found the system as described and the boiler not functioning. We took a quick but detailed tour of the entire boiler system to gain an understanding of how the system was designed.

Luckily the water issue was simply a partially open drain valve that we were able to tighten to stop the leak.

We determined the boiler was cycling off on a high limit safety. As the system water cooled the boiler relighted and cycled back off on safety. We determined the circulator pump had failed which also broke the pump coupling.

We replaced the circulator pump and coupling, bled the air from each panel radiator and returned the system to service. We ensured each zone functioned properly and warmed to temperature.

Team members on this project:

Man Gamble,