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Freon Refill for Air Conditioning in Charlottesville, VA

Freon is a generic term for air conditioning coolant though it is the brand name of DuPont chemicals. Freon is a refrigerant that runs through your cooling system over and over and generates cool air in the cooling unit. Unless there is a leak, we do not need to refill the freon. But suppose your air conditioner is not well-tuned, and there is a low level of freon. In that case, you should look for professional assistance as soon as possible.

Your air conditioner requires a freon refill at a certain point due to any leakage. Without the freon gas refill, your air conditioner may not run smoothly, and it will put you in an unpleasant situation. But when it comes to refilling freon, it should be left out to the experts as it is a very delicate matter. Moreover, inappropriately discharging old freon gas can lead to serious harm to the environment.

Zephyr Environmental Solutions has licensed professionals who are experienced in various air conditioning services. Our background-checked experts can offer you a flawless freon gas refill service for your air conditioner. Our air conditioning services include AC replacements, repair, installation, and tune-up. Call us today at 434-363-4565 to get our assistance.

When Do You Need to Refill Your Air Conditioning Freon?

Determining whether you need a freon refill or not can be a tricky task. It is because there could be several reasons behind the poor performance of your air conditioner. However, few symptoms can indicate the urgency of freon refilling:

  • There is an increase in electricity bills.
  • The presence of ice on the refrigerant route.
  • You can feel warm air blowing on a low thermostat.
  • The presence of oily debris on your air conditioner parts.
  • You can notice an inconsistent temperature reading and feel of the ambient air.

Count on Zephyr for Your Next AC Freon Refill

Residents in Faber, Ivy, Earlysville, Free Union, and other specified cities in our service area can count on us for any air conditioning services. If you need freon refill service, call us at 434-363-4565 or contact us online for further inquiries.