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Job completed for Darryl S.

Completion date: April 11, 2018

Location: Fredericksburg, VA

About this project:

We installed a new Daikin ductless split system as part of an addition at this client's home. On that project, we worked for the builder. Upon completion, the homeowner really liked how we hid the lineset from view and asked if we could do the same for an existing Daikin system in their home.

We returned to complete the work a couple weeks later and commissioned the system we installed at the same time (electricity was off on the initial visit!). And these are the results - so much cleaner looking; safer as it protects the lineset insulation from UV light damage; and simply cleaner as the old black insulation can run down the side of your house.

Team members on this project:

Alex Laukaitis,

Before Photos:

The start of work
The start of work

After Photos:

Completed! Nice and Clean
Completed! Nice and Clean