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AC Maintenance in Ivy

It's better to get your AC servicing at least once a year. It not only will help you avoid costly AC replacement but also increase the durability of your AC. A professional service is essential for a thorough inspection and ensuring your comfort. 

Zephyr Environmental Solutions is here for any emergencies you face in your HVAC system. Get to us just in one call at 434-363-4565. We are also available online to serve you. Just leave a note here.

Why Regular Maintenance is Needed?

Regular maintenance can prevent any issues along with increasing its lifespan. It will also increase it's efficiency. Regular maintenance will increase the indoor air quality and will reduce any health issues such as allergies from dust. Regular AC maintenance will lower the energy cost as it will consume less energy. It will help you address minor issues and prevent expensive repairs.

Difference Between a Split and Floor-Standing Air Conditioner

A split AC has two parts indoor and outdoor units. The indoor unit is usually set up on the wall and they are interconnected. Whereas, floor-standing AC doesn't have any outdoor component. It's a single unit standing on the floor.

HVAC tune-up and gas filling for optimal performance.

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Don't Sweat It! Get Your AC Inspected Today!

It's better to get your AC maintenance through a professional once in a while. The DIY cleaning process will be effective only if you have proper knowledge about the HVAC system. 

Zephyr Environmental Solutions has decades of experience in HVAC installation and repair. Our qualified technician will perform a range of tasks including cleaning components, checking for refrigerant leaks, inspecting electrical connections, and ensuring that the unit is running at its optimal performance.

Call us at 434-363-4565 or contact us online for quality service today. You can also turn to us through a chick here.

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January 06, 2020 | Ivy, VA

On arrival we found a dual fuel (furnace and heat pump) system. The furnace was a 1993 and the heat pump was a 2000 - both well past their expected lifespan. In this instance, we found relatively good news. An obsolete dual fuel kit had failed, confirmed multiple ways. A new part is not available so the simplest fix is a modern dual fuel capable thermostat. We also performed a quick inspection and noted several maintenance items for repair - clogged and rusted burners that caused the flame to roll back into the burner box vs into the combustion chamber; a pitted flame sensor that could lead to another no heat situation. We made the repairs with authorization and returned the system to service.