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Furnace Installation in Charlottesville, Dyke & Central VA

To remain comfortable throughout the cold winter months in Central Virginia, you must purchase and install the right heating system for your home or office. Whether you prefer a furnace, a heat pump or something else, choosing the right heating system for your property and your budget is essential.

A new energy-efficient furnace will last for more than a decade with proper maintenance. That will keep you warm on chilly nights while saving money on your utility bills and upkeep costs. At Zephyr Environmental Solutions, we offer a variety of top-quality replacement furnaces from industry-leading manufacturers.

Our service area includes Charlottesville, Albemarle, Fork Union, Ruckersville, Scottsville, Palmyra and their surrounding communities in Central VA. Whether you prefer a furnace powered by electricity, oil, or natural gas, we have got you covered. In helping you select the ideal unit for your home or office, our technicians consider your unique requirements for space, architecture, climate conditions, and budget.

Furnace Options by Zephyr in Central Virginia

We offer several furnace options for customers in Batesville, Keswick, Dyke & Quinque, VA. Our most popular models include:

Electric Furnace: An electric furnace requires no combustible petroleum products. It is easier to pair up in the same HVAC system with an AC unit.

Oil Furnace: An oil furnace heats 16% more efficiently than natural gas and oil-based systems perform at an efficiency rate of 85-95 % or higher, based on studies by the Department of Ecology.

Gas Furnace: A gas furnace is more cost-effective than an electric or oil-powered unit. Its lifespan typically exceeds the shelf life of an electric or oil system and it is environmentally-friendly compared to other fossil fuels. Gas is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel by a wide margin, generating at least 50 percent less carbon per kilowatt hour than coal with almost zero sulfur oxides, mercury or particulate ash. It also burns much cleaner than oil.

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If anything happens to your furnace, Zephyr's repair crews are standing by on a 24/7/365 if you need emergency HVAC service in Crozet, White Hall, Zion Crossroads of any other community in our service area in Central Virginia.

Rely on Zephyr for the Best Heating Systems in Central Virginia

Every so often, a heating system wears out. When it is time to upgrade your heat pump or furnace in Covesville, Lovingston, Faber and throughout Central VA, it is time to contact Zephyr Environmental Solutions or give us a call at 434-363-4565. We provide the most cost-effective and energy-efficient heating systems in Central Virginia.

Recent Furnace Jobs

October 9, 2020 | Free Union, VA

We completed a non-invasive inspection of two systems and provided reports that detail the types of systems, their age, any issues we noted for repair or further inspection, etc so that they can make an informed decision as buyers of the home. Per their request we also provided a proposal ...

October 1, 2020 | Palmyra, VA

We installed a new American Standard dual fuel, heat pump and furnace system. This combination allows them to benefit from the efficiency and comfort of both forms of heat depending on the outdoor temperatures. We also installed a Reme Halo air purifier and an Aprilaire Model 700 humidifier. During commissioning we ...

January 6, 2020 | Ivy, VA

On arrival we found a dual fuel (furnace and heat pump) system. The furnace was a 1993 and the heat pump was a 2000 - both well past their expected lifespan. In this instance, we found relatively good news. An obsolete dual fuel kit had failed, confirmed multiple ways. A new part ...