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The comfort of your home and safety to some extent are dependable on the flow and quality of the air. Any defect in the HVAC system can turn the situation upside down. You definitely wouldn't like extra energy bills, an uncomfortable indoor atmosphere, or even irreparable damage in the mechanism.

Zephyr Environmental Solutions is available in your city Earlysville and is committed to providing its customers with quality services. If you are worried about the air conditioning & heating system repair or maintenance, we are here for you. With decades of professional experience, we are serving the best HVAC services according to your needs.

Dial 434-363-4565 and set an easy appointment with our professionals. To contact us online, click here.

Other Services Zephyr Environmental Solutions Provides

Furnace and Heat Pump Services: Install and Repair.

We are a licensed company you can rely on, with a team of background-checked technicians who are well-prepared to respond to you 24/7. We also provide other major services that include:

We always value our customers and never compromise with our work quality. Check out the reviews to get a clear idea. You can also get our FREE duct inspection with any services.

Enjoy the Full Potential of Your HVAC System

We know how important it is to ensure the balance in the temperature of a home. Especially in the winter and summer, the HVAC system plays a vital role in keeping a cozy and fresh indoor atmosphere. So, if you notice anything unusual happening in the HVAC system or feel something strange in the home environment, don't delay. Call us at 434-363-4565 if you're in Earlysville. To fill up the service request form online click here.

Completed Jobs from Earlysville

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October 07, 2022 | Earlysville, VA

Walt opted to replace this system with a 2 ton Ruud heat pump system. We were able to work with much of the existing ductwork to set the new equipment. We made sure that he has two condensate safeties to prevent any damage to the finished space nearby. We also tape sealed any exposed duct seams to keep as much airflow moving through the home!

March 04, 2021 | Earlysville, VA

On our follow up visit, we measured refrigerant pressures and compared them to manufacturer specifications for the indoor and outdoor conditions. Based on those, we determined that the system was undercharged. We added refrigerant until system conditions matched manufacturer specifications. We monitored system performance and returned it to service.

December 18, 2018 | Earlysville, VA

We proposed and installed an Aprilaire steam humidifier to raise the humidity throughout the home. Within days, the humidity rose to levels considered within range for human comfort and good for the home.

September 09, 2019 | Earlysville, VA

We did some research on updated technologies in whole-house fans - more efficient fans, sealed ceiling penetrations. We discovered the QuietCool product and installed a QuietCool Stealth 7.0 fan with remote control. This product has multiple speed choices and is fully capable of serving his home.

April 05, 2018 | Earlysville, VA

We did a complete, non-invasive inspection of the system to identify everything from system type; make and model; age; general condition; and basic performance. As part of this type of inspection we look to identify any major concerns from a safety, performance and comfort perspective. The goal is to provide our clients the knowledge and details necessary to inform their purchase decision. In this engagement we work for you - not the seller, not the real estate agent - so there are no competing interests.

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January 13, 2021 | Earlysville, VA

We found a faulty auxiliary heat kit during a winter tune-up. In this instance, the diagnosis and replacement was straightforward. To diagnose, the amp draw of the electric heat was not correct. And a visual inspection confirmed that the wire coil was broken and making contact with the cabinet of the air handler. With approval we replaced the coil and returned the system to full service.