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Home Energy Evaluation in Charlottesville, Albemarle, and Central VA

Home Energy Evaluation in Charlottesville & Central VA

A home energy evaluation, also known as home energy audit, provides a homeowner with accurate information about money that is being wasted on utility bills while heating and cooling a residential property. The purpose is to identify air leaks in an effort to make the property more airtight and energy-efficient. Zephyr Environmental Solutions provides top-quality energy evaluations for customers in Charlottesville, Faber, Crozet, Scottsville, North Garden, and throughout Central Virginia.

4 Reasons to Focus On Energy Efficiency

Home Energy Evaluation

Simply put, a home energy evaluation is a thorough assessment of your home’s energy use and a study of the possible solutions you can take advantage of in order to make your home more energy-efficient. Correcting existing problems or areas that have become money pits will translate to significant energy savings over time for homeowners in Central Virginia.

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Benefits of a Home Energy Audit by Zephyr Environmental Solutions

When you receive a home energy audit from Zephyr Environment Solutions, it is beneficial to a homeowner in many ways. Our trained technicians will provide:

  • Evaluation of the size of the house and its existing features
  • Room-by-room evaluation of the entire house for energy-efficiency, including inspection of doors, windows, HVAC system, ductwork, and insulation
  • Examination of utility bills in comparison to comparable area homes
  • Use of blower door tests to determine the airtightness of your home
  • Thermographic inspection of your home using an infrared camera to discover air leaks and abnormalities in its thermal quality

To get the most benefit from a home energy evaluation, you must prepare properly before the technician arrives. That includes taking these important steps before your auditor arrives:

  • Prepare copies of your utility bills for at least the past year, as preferably longer.
  • Make a list of how many people live in the house, how many hours per day someone is at home, your typical thermostat setting for each season, your typical electrical usage and what energy-efficient features you have and seek to add.
  • Make a list of current issues, like whether specific rooms have inconsistent heading & cooling issues.

Get Your Utility Bills Under Control with a Zephyr Home Energy Audit in Charlottesville

A home energy audit is a comprehensive evaluation of your home’s energy performance to determine the best opportunities you have for saving energy and curtailing expenses. Zephyr Environmental Solutions provides superior home energy audits in Albemarle, Batesville, Fork Union, Keswick, White Hall, and throughout Central VA. When you need our services, give us a call at 434-363-4565 or send us a message through our contact page.

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Nellysford, VA

We performed an infrared camera inspection looking for hidden house leakage and a blower door test to establish a baseline for total hosue leakage and a baseline for duct leakage. We performed a visual inspection of the equipment (since Noah did not own the property, we do not perform any invasive testing). We also ran the system to test for proper operation and function. We put our findings into a report for Noah and provided a proposal for system replacement at his request.

Amissville, VA

On inspection of the system we noted the location of all supply and return ducts, registers and grilles. We noted the capacity of the system to determine airflow. Lastly we recorded static pressures before and after the filter and before and after the indoor coil. Taken together we found the system did not have any return from the basement and static pressures were excessively high. Our solution to improve airflow, comfort across all three levels and to help the longevity of the system is to add a return duct to the basement. On installation we did find a reduction in static pressures, but they remain too high, and an airflow increase. As the clients live in the home they can adjust the damper in the newly installed return duct to find the "sweet spot" for their comfort.

Charlottesville, VA

We began with a whole house blower door test and infrared camera review. The objective was less to discover the total air leakage of the house but to find the pathway of the air from outdoors to in-between to finished levels of Erik's home. We were able to identify several spaces in the attic floor that we open to the walls walls and piping cavities below. Combined with the open truss construction of the floor joists, we believe that the air simply moved down the walls until it came into contact with the cold ducts. So the air simply upheld basic physics - hot moves to cold, higher humidity moves to lower humidity, i.e. hot, humid summer air seeks out cold ducts! We worked with Erik and an insulation company to seal the attic floor and re-insulate the attic. We cannot confirm if this has solved the problem fully - plenty of rain has fallen but we have not hit cooling season. We will continue to work with Erik to limit air leakage and give he and his family a dry ceiling. Separately we replaced the failing heat pump with a higher efficiency system that brings his equipment back under manufacturer warranty and operates properly. We also added a high efficiency media filter to provide better air filtration.