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Emergency HVAC Repair Services in Shipman

Emergency HVAC repair services are essential to ensure your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems are up and running quickly. HVAC issues can negatively impact the productivity of your house or company, whether it's a sweltering summer day or a frigid winter night. Fortunately, Shipman residents may get qualified HVAC repair services from Zephyr Environmental Solutions.

Our highly qualified technicians are available for 24/7 emergency assistance to fix any issues with your HVAC systems quickly. In order to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system, our staff will locate any electrical problems and repair or replace the damaged components. Our technicians have the experience and tools to perform emergency HVAC repairs. We guarantee the high quality of our services. Call us at 434-363-4565 or contact us online if you have problems with your HVAC repairs in Shipman.  

Heating System Solutions in Shipman

In order to get a warm environment inside your house, it is important to maintain a good heating system. However, heating systems can create issues that might need a professional hand to resolve. At Zephyr Environmental Solutions, we provide professional heating system services to customers in Shipman. Our heating system services include:

  • Heating system installtion
  • Heating system replacement
  • Heating system repair

Additional HVAC System Services We Offer in Shipman

We offer a range of HVAC system solutions to meet your heating and cooling system needs. Here are some additional heating system services we offer:

Let Us Service Your HVAC in Shipman

Trust our team of professionals to get the best heat pump services in Shipman. We have created legions of satisfied customers through the years. See our customer reviews here. Call us at 434-363-4565 or click here to schedule an appointment in Shipman today.   

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Completed Jobs from Shipman

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February 28, 2020 | Shipman, VA

We took a look at both systems on the property. One system is quite new - a nice high-efficiency, modulating heat pump with three zones. The second system is an older standard efficiency heat pump serving an apartment. Both systems were in good shape so we cleaned coils, checked full operation of both systems, verified the refrigerant charge and then returned the systems to service.

February 21, 2018 | Shipman, VA

We discovered mice were making nests near the supply boots in the attic. This was because the boots were not sealed at all, allowing hot air to leak into the attic, very attractive to mice in the winter. This was also prompting them to eat at the flex ductwork in the attic. The recommendation was to replace all the flex duct that was currently in the attic with insulated hard pipe and seal supply boots. This is what we did for the customer. We also found a nest inside the customer's air handler and found a dead mouse at the electric heat kit. Removed the mouse and debris from the nest. The mice were accessing the inside of the unit through unsealed holes on the coil drain pan when the air handler was converted from being up-flow to horizontal. Sealed holes with thumb gum. Cleaned inside of air handler with disinfectant. We ran a load calculation for both the main house and the guest house. After the load calculation, we discovered the electric heat kit was oversized for the guest house. We removed the existing heat kit and installed a smaller one. We also discovered an old thermostat that was inaccurately reading the indoor air temperature, we replaced the thermostat for the customer. This will reduce energy consumption and reduce the static pressures in the ductwork because less airflow is required for the smaller heat kit. Static pressures in the ductwork were above equipment design, after installing all-new hard pipes we reduced total static by 25% and brought it below the manufactures max allowed operating Static pressure.