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Job completed for Analisa B.

Completion date: February 2, 2022


Why did the customer contact us?

Analisa is a returning client with a problem outdoor unit that we installed several years ago. Finally in one of our coldest winters in recent memory, the system largely quit heating leading to high heating bills.

Solutions provided:

Despite our attempts to make repairs, the system would never function correctly. So we worked with our distributor and factory technical advisors to rule out systemic problems and identified the culprit as a faulty outdoor expansion valve.

Given the unit's history of repairs and improper function, Zephyr replaced the outdoor unit. We recovered the refrigerant, disconnected and removed the old outdoor unit and installed a new heat pump with a new warranty. We performed all of the standard pressure and evacuation tests to ensure proper function and returned the system to service.

Team members on this project:

Jesse Fairall

Photos & Videos:

New York Heat Pump
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New York Heat Pump