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Job completed for Ruth M.

Completion date: March 18, 2019

Location: Barboursville, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

Ruth wanted to have a duct system that is not fiberglass ductboard, is cleaner and is impervious to country mice.

Solutions provided:

We replaced all of the ducts in the crawl space with air-sealed and R-8.0 insulated hard metal ducts to include new through the floor connections. Our goal was to improve air flow to the main level while maintaining air flow to the upper level. We also wanted to reduce total external static pressures - a measure of how hard the indoor fan works to move air through the duct system.

We achieved all of these goals and more - when we restarted the system for the first time, our client was amazed at how warm the air was and how much more air was being delivered to the living space. That's a win in our book every time!