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Job completed for Allie R.

Completion date: June 12, 2019

Location: Amissville, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

Client recently purchased home and noticed significant temperature difference across the three floors.

Solutions provided:

On inspection of the system we noted the location of all supply and return ducts, registers and grilles. We noted the capacity of the system to determine airflow. Lastly we recorded static pressures before and after the filter and before and after the indoor coil.

Taken together we found the system did not have any return from the basement and static pressures were excessively high. Our solution to improve airflow, comfort across all three levels and to help the longevity of the system is to add a return duct to the basement.

On installation we did find a reduction in static pressures, but they remain too high, and an airflow increase.

As the clients live in the home they can adjust the damper in the newly installed return duct to find the "sweet spot" for their comfort.