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We are SO happy

Wow. We are SO happy with our new HVAC, and the whole experience with Zephyr was awesome. No "sales" pressure at all - instead, we had a lengthy consultation and learned a TON, then received a detailed quote that even went so far as to remind us of the pros and cons of each solution we'd discussed, so we were able to make an informed decision for ourselves. I'd spent a lot of time researching before we made any calls, but still had many questions, and Jesse answered them all - and then some. We now have a super-efficient system (like the kind used for mini-splits) that ties into our existing ductwork - it's like the best of both worlds! - and I didn't even know it existed, despite all of my Googling. Bottom line: if you want something different (especially if you're really interested in energy efficiency), definitely give Zephyr a call. Both the product and the service are the way of the future. :)