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How Heating with Gas Produces (Harmful) Water

Did you know that our search for more efficient, more earth friendly gas heating can harm the environment? It can – but not because of the fuel source, but because your furnace produces water. You read that correctly, water. And we know how to provide you both highly efficient gas heat and earth friendly furnace water.

Condensing Gas Furnanc Acidic Water

The truth, i.e, the science, is straightforward and pretty cool. To achieve 90 plus percent efficiencies, equipment manufacturers use two heat exchangers to extract as much heat as possible before the remaining combustion gases are vented to the atmosphere. But during the heat transfer in the secondary heat exchanger, some of the combustion gases – primarily water – condense from a gas to a liquid. This is where these furnaces earn their other name – condensing gas furnaces.

This condensate is often acidic. The level of acidity varies with the specific gas composition and additives but can exceed Virginia limitations on the acidity of discharge into the environment or public utilities.

Add a Neutralizer to Prevent Acidic Water in a Gas Furnace

Luckily, we can prevent this by adding a neutralizer to the furnace condensate line. This is how Zephyr Environmental Solutions, Inc. is able to offer our clients highly efficient, environmentally responsible, and comfortable heating solutions.

Contact us anytime or call us 434-363-4565 if you want to add a neutralizer to the furnace condensate line in your home.

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