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Melissa R.
Earlysville, VA
March 4, 2021

On our follow up visit, we measured refrigerant pressures and compared them to manufacturer specifications for the indoor and outdoor conditions. Based on those, we determined that the system was undercharged. We added refrigerant until system conditions matched manufacturer specifications. We monitored system performance and returned it to service.

Steven B.
Charlottesville, VA
February 10, 2021

Our visit to Steven's home was less about tools and more about looking, listening and poking around - a really scientific start! After he discussed the problem and showed me around, we started to really look for the how the duct system was designed and installed. Luckily he had photos of the basement before it was finished, which was key as one photo showed a major secondary trunk that we likely would have missed otherwise.

Using the photos we were able to identify the spot above the ceiling where the secondary trunk broke off from the main trunk. And then we started to work backwords - we counted the total number of supply registers and using some standard numbers for the cubic feet per minute of each supply, we determined a roughly total of the airflow the system could handle - 1900 CFM, roughly a 5 ton system.

On a 3 ton system capable of moving roughly 1200 CFM. 

The furnace blower is not capable of moving enough air to reach the far side of Steven's home.

So Steven is strategically adjusting the supply registers throughout the house to find an acceptable balance between both sides of the house and between the basement and main level. 

So far we have been able to close the gap from 6-7 degrees to 3-4 degrees on some of the coldest days of the year - which is not perfect but is the best we can achieve without major changes. 

Genevieve K.
Charlottesville, VA
February 8, 2021



Over the course of several visits (yes, this boiler challenged us), we replaced a failed circulator pump, two thermal fuses, a pressure switch and a delay on make timer. We also completed a major cleaning of the heat exchanger and burners. 

Why? We discovered that several isolation valves - including one from the auto-fill - had become blocked or frozen in place. This caused the system to run low on water which we believe contributed to the failed pump. Once we replaced the pump, the boiler system ran for several hours and then shut off again. This led to us to the first thermal fuse and our first call to the manufacturer - Weil-Mclain. 

WM provided us with a clean, complete copy of the manual for this boiler and confirmed that the thermal fuse was indeed 228 Celsius or roughly 450 degrees F which is very HOT! We sourced the thermal fuse, replaced it and the boiler fired and ran for several more hours - then shut down again. 

A second call with WM and we learned that the most likely cause of repeated thermal fuse failure is a clogged heat exchanger. We also received a warning to be careful during the cleaning because replacement parts for major components may not be available. 

So we returned with a second thermal fuse, cleaning supplies and plenty of patience. We left with a fully functioning boiler system - bled of air, all valves and zones operating, new parts, a clean heat exchanger, and a new circulator pump.

What did we learn? We have wonderful clients with patience and faith in us. And that good partners such as Weil-Mclain and Ferguson allowed us to identify and source the correct replacement parts from out of our local area.

Sarah K.
Free Union, VA
October 9, 2020

We completed a non-invasive inspection of two systems and provided reports that detail the types of systems, their age, any issues we noted for repair or further inspection, etc so that they can make an informed decision as buyers of the home. Per their request we also provided a proposal to replace one system that is beyond its expected lifespan so they can plan for future maintenance and repairs.

Scott M.
Palmyra, VA
October 1, 2020

We installed a new American Standard dual fuel, heat pump and furnace system. This combination allows them to benefit from the efficiency and comfort of both forms of heat depending on the outdoor temperatures. We also installed a Reme Halo air purifier and an Aprilaire Model 700 humidifier. During commissioning we worked with Scott to identify and fix several gremlins in the system - quirks in the wiring that caused intermittent problems. With his patience and assistance, we narrowed in on several key areas and repaired the issues so that the system provided full, uninterrupted function. And in the interest of full disclosure, we stand behind our work practices and make every effort to address, repair and respond to recurring problems such as these. Luckily we have great clients, like Scott and his family, who work with us to address them as quickly as possible.

Tom L.
Free Union, VA
August 21, 2020

During our diagnostic, we identified a faulty variable speed fan motor and a very dirty blower housing - likely construction dust. We recommended replacement of the motor and cleaning the blower housing as it must be removed to replace the motor, essentially a two-for-one. We completed the repairs with approval, tested the system and returned it to service.

Jennifer P.
Ruckersville, VA
July 7, 2020

We started by looking for ways to repair the system and offered an outdoor fan replacement as an option. We also noted that the system used R-22 refrigerant and was approaching 20 years old - much older than the expected lifespan of a heat pump in our area. At the client's request we provided a replacement option also. The client chose to replace the entire system. While the client considered their options, we provided them two portable AC units to keep their home comfortable. We completed the replacement and left a comfortable home with proper cooling.

Marieke H.
Palmyra, VA
June 26, 2020

Jacob provided a complete Zephyr maintenance of the system in her home. We wash indoor and outdoor coils; we check for clean filters and change them as available; we check all electrical components for safety and proper operations; and we check and verify the refrigerant charge using our digital tools which allow us to capture and monitor the system in real time as we work. In this case, the system was slightly low on refrigerant so we added some with the client's permission.

Jeff H.
Orange, VA
May 8, 2020

Over phone and email, we worked with Jeff to double check settings to ensure there was not a simple fix available as Orange is not in our normal service area. After a period where the over the phone support seemed to work, Jeff called back and asked we come up for a service call. On arrival we confirmed the error code generation occurred almost immediately on start up of the low wall mounted head when the high wall mounted head was in heat mode. As we began to work the problem we made two observations: first, the low wall mounted unit always turns on in cooling mode which is an immediate conflict if the high wall is in heating mode. Second, the control panel on the low wall head was extremely sensitive to touch, even when you did not touch the panel directly. We made adjustments to make the panel less sensitive to touch and a note to the user that the low wall defaults to cooling every time it is turned on. The system functioned normally with no call backs for additional faults.

Drew P.
Charlottesville, VA
April 17, 2020

After an initial diagnostic visit, we determined that the leak was small but was in the base of the existing tanked, gas water heater, requiring a replacement. We discussed and proposed both tanked and tankless replacement options for their consideration. They selected a new tanked 50 gallon gas water heater. We drained and replaced the existing gas hot water heater and registered the warranty. We also noted that their AC condensate drainage system did not have any condensate safety switches, so with Drew's approval we added a new condensate safety switch. Now if that system drain stops working, the AC system will alert them before it floods the basement.

PJ Williams Company
Madison, VA
April 16, 2020

We did exactly as we were asked to do - we installed a 3 ton, 3 head ductless system serving a new pizza kitchen and bar storage area. We also cleaned all of the existing ductless systems onsite. In all, PJ Williams led a great team of contractors to deliver an awesome expansion at the brewery.

Marsha B.
Charlottesville, VA
March 31, 2020

We performed a Manual J load calculation to determine the correct size unit and offered several options to meet their needs and goals. After their selection, we installed a 3.0 ton Daikin multi-split heat pump with 2 wall mounted indoor heads and 1 floor mounted head.

Josh R.
Charlottesville, VA
March 23, 2020

So we used FaceTime for a Zephyr-first consultation in a time of quarantine. Together, Zephyr and the client found a dirty air filter and made arrangements to deliver replacement filters with a no-contact drop-off. We recognize the problem may persist but this permits a first attempt at a solution while maintaining maximum client confidence in the approach and their safety.

Randy G.
Shipman, VA
February 28, 2020

We took a look at both systems on the property. One system is quite new - a nice high-efficiency, modulating heat pump with three zones. The second system is an older standard efficiency heat pump serving an apartment. Both systems were in good shape so we cleaned coils, checked full operation of both systems, verified the refrigerant charge and then returned the systems to service.

Adrian B.
Charlottesville, VA
February 27, 2020

To begin the replacement of the heat pump system and its ductboard duct system, we removed the ductboard, bagging it in the attic to limit fiberglass contamination in the living space. We also recovered refrigerant and removed the existing equipment. Later we recycled the refrigerant as required by the EPA and recycled as much of the metal as possible. We installed a plywood floor in the attic at Adrian's request and installed a custom-designed, insulated metal trunk duct system with manual dampers. We also replaced several branch supplies to solve some problem areas in the house and added one new supply in the foyer. Lastly we added three returns, one in each bedroom to ensure proper airflow even when doors are closed at night. Outside, we built a custom pad and installed a 15.0 SEER Ruud heat pump connected to a constant torque blower motor to deliver efficient, quiet airflow. Lastly we sealed the ducts using Aeroseal to achieve a tight, clean duct system. We also installed several client-provided ECOBEE and NEST thermostats for wireless control of the home.

Noah F.
Nellysford, VA
February 14, 2020

We performed an infrared camera inspection looking for hidden house leakage and a blower door test to establish a baseline for total hosue leakage and a baseline for duct leakage. We performed a visual inspection of the equipment (since Noah did not own the property, we do not perform any invasive testing). We also ran the system to test for proper operation and function. We put our findings into a report for Noah and provided a proposal for system replacement at his request.

Bill G.
Charlottesville, VA
February 4, 2020

We found a series of problems - failed compressor drawing locked rotor amperage; stuck outdoor expansion valve that would not control refrigerant flow for maximum efficiency and capacity in heating mode; and a failed heat pump defrost control board. The compressor was covered by warranty and in discussion with the owners, we moved forward with the rest of the repairs. Once all repairs were completed, we returned the system to service and recorded numbers that approached those of a new system. Most importantly, the tenants had functional and comfortable heat!

Analisa B.
Charlottesville, VA
January 23, 2020

On arrival we confirmed the noise and set about identifying the source. We initially suspected something related to the ducts because the sound only came through one supply duct. This suspicion provided wrong and we found a failing blower motor in the air handler. We returned the unit to service and worked with the manufacturer and our distributor to get a warranty replacement part. We had the part in hand and replaced less than 48 hours later with no loss of service to the client. Most importantly, there was no noise either!

Meredith R.
Charlottesville, VA
January 22, 2020

As per our standard procedures, we checked boiler operation including water temperature and pressure, expansion tank, pilot, flame sensor, safety circuit, radiators, burner tubes, flue damper, and CO2. We drained the expansion tank, cleaned flame sensor and burner tubes, and we purged air from all of the radiators. The boiler is working properly and is ready for winter operation.

Walter M.
Charlottesville, VA
January 17, 2020

On arrival, we quickly checked for low voltage power to the thermostat - there was none. We moved to the air handler to check the transformer - which produces the low voltage power for the system - and found the transformer had failed. We replaced the transformer and confirmed proper operation and still the system did not function so we checked the fuse. The fuse had blown to protect the electronics. We replaced the fuse and returned the system to operation.

Walter M.
Charlottesville, VA
January 17, 2020

We quickly checked and confirmed proper line voltage to the transformer and no 24V low voltage coming out of the transformer. We replaced the transformer and then found a blown fuse also. We replaced the fuse and the system returned to normal operation.

Nick M.
Ivy, VA
January 6, 2020

On arrival we found a dual fuel (furnace and heat pump) system. The furnace was a 1993 and the heat pump was a 2000 - both well past their expected lifespan. In this instance, we found relatively good news. An obsolete dual fuel kit had failed, confirmed multiple ways. A new part is not available so the simplest fix is a modern dual fuel capable thermostat. We also performed a quick inspection and noted several maintenance items for repair - clogged and rusted burners that caused the flame to roll back into the burner box vs into the combustion chamber; a pitted flame sensor that could lead to another no heat situation. We made the repairs with authorization and returned the system to service.

Ilona K
Faber, VA
December 31, 2019

We added a new Mitsubishi ductless system to serve the upper level of Ilona's home. We covered the lineset in SlimDuct to maintain the look of the exterior and we ran the lineset through a closet and behind a kneewall to reach the best location. With a little planning we were able to rely on gravity for proper drainage, eliminating an electrical pump which could become a future point of failure.

Genevieve K.
Charlottesville, VA
December 22, 2019

Based on the initial call, we scheduled the K family for the following day. On the second call, as the boiler system showed signs of a larger problem, we moved some items on our schedule and made it the same day. On arrival we found the system as described and the boiler not functioning. We took a quick but detailed tour of the entire boiler system to gain an understanding of how the system was designed. Luckily the water issue was simply a partially open drain valve that we were able to tighten to stop the leak. We determined the boiler was cycling off on a high limit safety. As the system water cooled the boiler relighted and cycled back off on safety. We determined the circulator pump had failed which also broke the pump coupling. We replaced the circulator pump and coupling, bled the air from each panel radiator and returned the system to service. We ensured each zone functioned properly and warmed to temperature.

Gerald L.
Ruckersville, VA
December 12, 2019

We completed our standard, comprehensive preventative maintenance of their system. We check all safety, electrical, mechanical and refrigeration components for safe and proper operation. Then we look for opportunities to maximize equipment efficiency and to promote a healthy home.

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