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We recently returned from a trip overseas. And though the trip was personal, we noticed how differently Europeans build and maintain their homes and public buildings.

The Eiffel Tower at Dusk

The Eiffel Tower at Dusk

On this trip we visited France, taking in the sites and history of Paris and Normandy. And though Paris is known as the City of Lights, I was struck by how Parisians have adapted old buildings and structures for modern times. Being able to take in the magic of the Eiffel Tower today is really a testament to good design and maintenance. The Tower was built as a temporary structure in 1889 and almost scrapped in the early 1900s, but stands and shines today due to regular maintenance. Repainting every 7 years prevents and repairs rust.

We also noted how centuries old buildings (300, 400, and older) remain strong and adapted to modern life. The heating and air conditioning solution we saw most often was ductless. Whether conventional mini-splits or variable refrigerant flow, these systems both perform and honor the buildings they serve. These systems allow minimal disruption of the structure, powerful room-by-room comfort control, strong energy efficiency, and a minimal footprint.

In Normandy we saw homes and buildings that have been continuously occupied since the 1600s, and now feature modern conveniences – plumbing, electricity, heating and cooling. But the modern touches are applied very differently than is common in the United States. Here structures are often built with those conveniences in mind so refitting is less of an obstacle. These older buildings require different equipment and technology to achieve the same comfort we want in our homes. And in some cases, that versatile equipment will be a winning solution here in Central Virginia too.

Seeing these systems in action reaffirms our commitment to working with our partners to offer a wide range of equipment for our clients and the knowledge to maintain and service it through its lifetime. We don’t often think about the systems that hide behind our walls (or on them) but seeing these old buildings still hard at work today was a great reminder that if we take care of the buildings we live and work in, they will last and take care of us.

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