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Who Is Your Heating And Air Conditioning Service Technician

According to several studies, your service technician is one of the most in-demand skilled workers in the country.

Believe it or not, your heating and air conditioning service technician approaches your system like a veterinarian. Both work with patients that cannot describe what is wrong. Both must use other tools, including their own senses of sight, smell, and sound, to uncover clues about what is, or is not, happening before they can treat the patient. Both are highly trained – often more than the client may realize – professionals who have skills specific for their industry.

But we won’t get too carried away with the comparison. Let’s get back to the service technician – a product of classroom training and experience. Typically a service technician begins as a helper or apprentice working with more experienced technicians to learn skills and gain knowledge. Over time they complete training provided through technical schools, manufacturers, and their employers. They may undergo rigorous testing to achieve and maintain industry certifications. More importantly, they learn to apply those classroom skills at your home to discover and repair any issues affecting your system’s performance and your comfort.

So what should you expect from these men and, increasingly, women?

Service technicians are professionals that possess skills in the electrical, plumbing, gas fitting and mechanical fields. At your home, they can diagnose and repair problems such as line or low voltage electrical failures. They can locate and repair condensate drain leaks. They can connect, service and maintain gas furnaces for safety and reliability. And they can braze (weld) refrigerant linesets and other accessories in tight attics, or field fabricate and repair ductwork.

Increasingly, service technicians are also skilled in electronics and programming. The heating and air conditioning industry already has embraced the rise of the connected home. We regularly deal with smart thermostats and communicating equipment. And your heating and air conditioning can integrate with automation systems where you control everything from temperature, humidity, lighting, and security from one panel.

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Today’s service technicians are far more than the standard blue collar stereotype. They still work with their hands. They still get dirty. But they also work on advanced machinery and use sophisticated diagnostic tools to repair that machinery. They are as likely to use a computer as a torch. But what you can count on is that the Zephyr service technician knocking on your door has the advanced skills and expertise to make your home comfortable again.


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