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Why Have a Climate College

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At Zephyr, we believe our clients know what works best – what comfortable means – for them. We believe in education. And we believe that an educated client – one who learns the basics about the choices they have – will make the best indoor climate decision for their home and family. The Climate College is our way of giving our thoughts on important comfort topics. The College also allows us to provide you with links to reputable articles and sites that discuss home and building comfort; basic and new heating and air conditioning technologies and concepts; indoor air quality; energy efficiency; and environmentally friendly approaches to heating and air conditioning equipment, maintenance and service.

We welcome questions from you. We will answer those questions as thoughtfully as we can and seek out guest authors and experts to answer questions outside our areas of expertise. Our intent is to provide context and perspective for what is often a major decision that can affect your comfort and your finances. Our ultimate goal is to help you make the best decision for your home or business, for your family or your colleagues, employees and customers.

We look forward to our journey and to your comments and questions.

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