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HVAC Maintenance in Charlottesville, Albemarle, and Central VA

HVAC Maintenance in Charlottesville and Central VA

Your HVAC system is one of the most significant investments in your home. It determines the quality of the air you breathe, so it must be kept in peak condition. Like your car or your retirement account, your heating and AC system requires regular maintenance and an occasional tune-up to make sure it performs properly when you need it.

To make sure your HVAC is working in peak condition on a year-round basis, the certified technicians from Zephyr Environmental Solutions offer a choice of Planned Maintenance Programs designed to keep your systems humming through all four seasons. Our service area includes CrozetDykeStandardsvilleEarlysvilleCharlottesville and throughout Central Virginia. 

Ready to maximize your heating and cooling investment? Simply choose the plan that is best for you:

Planned Maintenance in Charlottesville, Albemarle, and Central VA

Planned Maintenance Program

The best heating and air conditioning system is the one you forget you have. Let us maintain your system (we’re talking everything but changing the thermostat) at the price point that suits you best:

No Maintenance Program

Contact us when you need Emergency Service or any time you want an inspection to assess your system’s performance. We are ready to help you as you need us!

Call Zephyr Environmental Solutions at 434-363-4565 or contact us to set up an appointment.

*May not meet manufacturer’s requirements for warranty

Standard Maintenance Program

If your system is still within the warranty period, then the Standard Program is for you. We complete season-specific maintenance twice a year to keep your system at peak performance.

It’s a straightforward choice for clients who want to maintain their warranty and their system without being involved themselves but don’t need service staff on call.

The Standard Program includes ALL of the Basic Program benefits, plus:

  • Two annual visits, scheduled at your convenience ahead of the heating and cooling seasons
  • Season specific maintenance is performed twice a year

Basic Program

Is your system in good shape? Has it been well taken care of since it was installed? Are you out of the warranty period? If you answered "yes" to any or all of these, then the Basic Program is for you.

We combine all of the services of the Standard Program into one visit a year – you’ll ensure the safety and proper operation of your heating and cooling system and only have to take off once a year.

The Basic Program package includes:

  • One annual visit, scheduled at your convenience
  • Safety inspections of key electrical, condensate and combustion components;
  • System cleaning so your system runs stronger for longer
  • Key component check-ups to prevent costly problems down the line
  • Filter replacement (client provided)
  • One-year warranty on Zephyr repairs
  • 10% Discount on flat-rate parts
  • Priority scheduling over non-member clients

*May not meet manufacturer’s requirements for warranty


Keep Your HVAC Tuned Up with a Maintenance Plan from Zephyr in Central VA 

Looking for more time and greater peace of mind in your home care routine? Let Zephyr Environmental Solutions provide you a scheduled maintenance plan for your HVAC system in Central VA. When you need our services, contact us online or give us a call at 434-363-4565 and let’s discuss your options.

Recent HVAC Jobs

We started by looking for ways to repair the system and offered an outdoor fan replacement as an option. We also noted that the system used R-22 refrigerant and was approaching 20 years old - much older than the expected lifespan of a heat pump in our area.

At the client's request we provided a replacement option also. The client chose to replace the entire system.

While the client considered their options, we provided them two portable AC units to keep their home comfortable.

We completed the replacement and left a comfortable home with proper cooling.

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Jacob provided a complete Zephyr maintenance of the system in her home. We wash indoor and outdoor coils; we check for clean filters and change them as available; we check all electrical components for safety and proper operations; and we check and verify the refrigerant charge using our digital tools which allow us to capture and monitor the system in real time as we work.

In this case, the system was slightly low on refrigerant so we added some with the client's permission.

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Over phone and email, we worked with Jeff to double check settings to ensure there was not a simple fix available as Orange is not in our normal service area. After a period where the over the phone support seemed to work, Jeff called back and asked we come up for a service call. On arrival we confirmed the error code generation occurred almost immediately on start up of the low wall mounted head when the high wall mounted head was in heat mode.

As we began to work the problem we made two observations: first, the low wall mounted unit always turns on in cooling mode which is an immediate conflict if the high wall is in heating mode. Second, the control panel on the low wall head was extremely sensitive to touch, even when you did not touch the panel directly. We made adjustments to make the panel less sensitive to touch and a note to the user that the low wall defaults to cooling every time it is turned on.

The system functioned normally with no call backs for additional faults.

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