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Job completed for Jeff H.

Completion date: May 8, 2020

Location: Orange, VA

Why did the customer contact us?

Jeff reached out first over a year ago with a Trane multi-head ductless system generating an error code for incompatible mode operation. This generally means that one head is set in cooling and another in heating mode, a mode setting that most ductless systems do not support.

Solutions provided:

Over phone and email, we worked with Jeff to double check settings to ensure there was not a simple fix available as Orange is not in our normal service area. After a period where the over the phone support seemed to work, Jeff called back and asked we come up for a service call. On arrival we confirmed the error code generation occurred almost immediately on start up of the low wall mounted head when the high wall mounted head was in heat mode.

As we began to work the problem we made two observations: first, the low wall mounted unit always turns on in cooling mode which is an immediate conflict if the high wall is in heating mode. Second, the control panel on the low wall head was extremely sensitive to touch, even when you did not touch the panel directly. We made adjustments to make the panel less sensitive to touch and a note to the user that the low wall defaults to cooling every time it is turned on.

The system functioned normally with no call backs for additional faults.

Team members on this project:

Man Gamble,