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Keeping the interior of your home a comfortable space can be expensive. You need energy to stay warm when it's cold outside and to stay cool when it's hot outdoors, and using ductless heat pumps is an option if you want to be comfortable indoors while avoiding massive energy bills. Zephyr Environmental Systems specializes in providing healthy and comfortable indoor environments while minimizing energy consumption, and we can offer homeowners in Charlottesville and surrounding areas with reliable ductless heat pump installations services.  

Similar to ductless air conditioners, ductless heat pumps have both outdoor and indoor units. However, ductless heat pumps are a two-way system. They can pull warm air from a room to make that room cooler, or it can take warm air from the outside to make the room warmer. 

Heat pumps are highly energy-efficient and require very little power to function. The inverters allow variable operation speeds, which saves on energy and makes it easier to maintain ideal indoor temperatures. Another benefit of ductless heat pumps is that they are easier to install compared to the traditional heating systems that use ducts. Leaks are minimized because there are no ducts. Also, heat pumps can be installed virtually in any room in your property. 

Heating Systems Repair Services

At Zephyr Environmental Solutions, we made it our mission to keep you comfortable without spending too much on energy. We serve Charlottesville, Keswick, Palmyra, Fork Union, Ruckersville, and other areas in Central Virginia. Our services include:

  • Oil to propane conversion
  • Heating system installation
  • Heating system repair

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Charlottesville, VA

We installed a Daikin ductless mini-split to serve the bedroom. We used a SlimDuct lineset kit to protect the lineset from damage and UV light (it also makes it look good!). And we worked with the electrician to make sure the installation of our unit and his conduit was neat and clean.


We installed two single head Mitsubishi ductless systems - one serving the kitchen area on the first floor and a second serving a bedroom on the second floor. These systems provide great heat output, easy operation and maintenance and great efficiency - perfect to make these spaces more comfortable and safe!

Orange, VA

Over phone and email, we worked with Jeff to double check settings to ensure there was not a simple fix available as Orange is not in our normal service area. After a period where the over the phone support seemed to work, Jeff called back and asked we come up for a service call. On arrival we confirmed the error code generation occurred almost immediately on start up of the low wall mounted head when the high wall mounted head was in heat mode. As we began to work the problem we made two observations: first, the low wall mounted unit always turns on in cooling mode which is an immediate conflict if the high wall is in heating mode. Second, the control panel on the low wall head was extremely sensitive to touch, even when you did not touch the panel directly. We made adjustments to make the panel less sensitive to touch and a note to the user that the low wall defaults to cooling every time it is turned on. The system functioned normally with no call backs for additional faults.