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Heat Pumps in Charlottesville & Ruckersville, Virginia

Heat Pumps Systems

Homeowners seeking a cost-effective way to remain warm, cozy and comfortable during the cold winter months in Central Virginia should take a long, hard look at installing a heat pump. It is one of the best bang-for-your-buck heating systems available on the market.

That is because a heat pump, unlike other types of heating systems, does not generate its own heat. Instead, it transports warm air to places throughout your home or office where it is needed.

When it's cold outside, the pump extracts outside heat and transfers it into your home. When it's warm outside, the pump acts like an air conditioner and removes heat from your house. This lowers the indoor temperature and, because of the heat extraction process, your unit consumes far less energy to make your living home or office comfortable on a year-round basis.

Zephyr Environmental Solutions offer multiple top-quality heat pumps for customers in FaberKeene, Zion CrossroadsShipmanCharlottesville, and throughout Central VA. We also offer a wide variety of furnaces

Maintaining a Heat Pump in Central Virginia

To receive the maximum benefit of an energy-efficient, cost-effective heat pump from Zephyr Environmental Solutions, the unit must remain in mint condition. That can be challenging because of daily wear-and-tear. When your heat pump is in need of service, early warning signs include:

  • Insufficient heat distribution
  • Inconsistent or poor airflow
  • Air leaks from the unit
  • Noises within the system

Our company can create an HVAC maintenance schedule for your heat pump to keep it in peak condition. When the system is receiving constant care, it’s less likely to fail on the days you need it the most. We’ll also suggest occasional upgrades to improve the system's performance.

Rely on Zephyr for the Best Heat Pumps in Covesville, Faber, & Charlottesville

When it is time to upgrade your heat pump or furnace in Covesville, LovingstonFaberand throughout Central Virginia, it is time to contact Zephyr Environmental Solutions or give us a call at 434-363-4565 to find a more cost-effective, energy-efficient option.

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Charlottesville, VA

We familiarized ourselves with the system and the zoning controls. We then re-programmed the thermostats to remove the scheduling feature, which would override her set temperature and revert back to a factory standard. Michelle does not use the schedule feature so this was not a loss of functionality. We also removed the batteries from all of the thermostats in the home. These are frequently not changed (most people don't even know there are batteries in many thermostats) and then they corrode. The corrosion can impact thermostat operation and cause problems, we we removed the batteries and cleaned the contacts and the thermostats as thoroughly as possible.

Charlottesville, VA

In our evaluation, we discussed the failed indoor fan motor but also took into account system type, age and any other recent service and operational issues. Given the system type and age, we would expect at least another 5 years for this system, so we recommended to replace the motor vs replace the system. With approval, we sourced a new motor and replaced the system. We also performed a complete maintenance - cleaning coils, verifying safe and proper operation - and returned the system to service.

Stanardsville, VA

Gary suspected that the older system had a leak and was not cooling as effectively as it had in the past. We washed the indoor and outdoor coils, checked and changed the outdoor capacitor, added refrigerant and a leak sealant (R-22 so we don't want to lose any!) and then confirmed the system was draining properly.